What is HBTC Chain?

HBTC Chain is a public blockchain based on Bluehelix technology, which innovatively introduces decentralized key generation & signature technology and focuses on decentralized cross-chain custody/clearing of assets. We provide the fundamental services & assurance of security for the crypto digital asset industry.

How to join the HBTC Chain Testnet?

Please refer to the documentation for the steps of joining the Testnet to work together with us to test. Currently, HBTC Chain does not support private deployment, users can join the testnet by downloading binary from Github or by using Docker.

How do I get test tokens?

Please send us your custodian unit address on the HBTC Chain by email, our email address is (bhchain-dev@bhex.com), once we receive your email, we will transfer a certain amount of HBC to you for your testing purposes.

How to test ERC20 tokens’ custodian deposit and withdrawal process?

Currently, our testnet is directly interconnected to the ETH mainnet and can use your ERC20 USDT to directly involve in testing.

What cross-chain tokens are currently supported by the testnet?

We currently support BTC, ETH, and ERC20 USDT tokens, please note that the testnet is directly tied to the public blockchain mainnet, you can use your own tokens from the public blockchain mainnet to participate in the test.

What are the minimum deposit limit and withdrawal fees for the cross-chain coins/tokens supported by the testnet?

Please note that the current minimum deposit amount for BTC, ETH, and USDT is 0.02BTC, 0.1ETH, and 50USDT respectively, less than those amount will not be credited. The withdrawal fee for BTC, ETH, and USDT is 0.0008BTC, 0.008ETH, and 0.02ETH respectively.