HBTC Chain Introduction

HBTC Chain is the next generation decentralized custody and clearing technology. Based on decentralization and community consensus, it employs comprehensive technologies including cryptography and blockchain, supports decentralized governance through technology, and aims to effectively solve the security and trust problems faced by centralized digital assets platforms.


Blockchain technology brings new assets, currencies and trust-free and trustworthy transactions, opening up the next stage of economic growth for humanity and providing boundless possibilities for global transactions, as well as further refining the virtual world built by the Internet and introducing new business opportunities. But despite the fact that blockchain technology enables fully decentralized asset distribution and trading and addresses the fundamental root value and trust issues, many complex requirements are difficult to accomplish on the blockchain due to the current blockchain performance and cross-chain transactions. These issues are becoming more and more noticeable as the size and value of blockchain-issued assets continue to grow. To address these issues, HBTC Chain proposes the following three innovative advantages:

  • Decentralized cross-chain asset safe custody:Decentralized private key management is the core technology of Bluehelix. Secure and reliable custodian and cross-chain asset management technology by verifying that private keys are managed by nodes collaborating together and by consensus, so that no one can access the custodian assets without authorization.

  • Efficient and scalable consensus clearing:HBTC Chain adopts an innovative BHPOS consensus mechanism, using a combination of BFT and DPOS mechanisms to make it an efficient and open public blockchain platform, while achieving scalable transaction clearing with horizontal slicing.

  • Extensive API support:As an open source and open public blockchain, HBTC Chain provides fundamental support for various financial and commercial services through an open API interface. The financial institutions and startups using HBTC Chain can focus on the creation and operation of financial products and business applications without worrying about the construction of infrastructure for both underlying security and trusted related technology.

Technical Principles

At the heart of Bluehelix’s technology is decentralized private key management. Through the combination of cryptographic tools such as elliptic curve digital signatures, zero knowledge proofs, and trusted multiparty computing, it enables cross-chain custodian asset private keys to be generated and signed in a distributed manner across all validation nodes. Based on this, a lightweight, non-intrusive, cross-chain asset custody is being achieved. HBTC Chain uses BHPOS consensus and horizontal scaling for efficient transaction clearing at the liquidation layer.

Overall Architecture

HBTC Chain utilizes BHPOS consensus, with the guarantee of security and efficiency, the nodes can be distinguished into validator nodes and ordinary nodes, and the validator nodes need to process cross-chain related data, store private key shares and sign transactions, the specific architecture diagram is as below: avatar

The structure is described as follows:

  • HBTC Chain:HBTC Chain main service, responsible for transaction consensus and block generation/storage, etc.

  • HBTC Settle:HBTC Chain Settlement Service, responsible for processing cross-chain transactions and private key share generation, decentralized signatures, cross-chain transactions verification & interaction etc.